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Constant exposure to staining agents such as; coffee, tea, cola and red wine; or from smoking, and the aging process is one of the most common reasons affecting teeth aesthetic value. Teeth discoloration is the most common reason for poor, unsightly smile. But with the advancement of technology in the field of cosmetic dentistry, solution to this problem has been easier than ever before. Here at Central Pattaya Dental Center, we use Doctor Smile dental laser. This is proven to be the fastest and most effective way to achieve naturally white teeth.

Doctor Smile Laser whitening system is one of the most popular sought after treatment at Central Pattaya Dental Center. It is safe, effective and easy solution to whiten teeth. It effectively removes even stubborn stains.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding teeth whitening:

How safe is Laser Teeth Whitening?

First of all, the whitening gel we use is FDA approved; it contains titanium oxide in the gel which protects the enamel and minimizes pain and tooth sensitivity. The whitening gel is activated using Doctor Smile LWS. The energy from the light aides the quickest and safest way for the gel to penetrate tooth enamel and increases the whitening effect on the tooth.

Are there any side effects after treatment?

The treatment itself is generally painless and requires no anesthesia. Occasionally, discomfort from teeth sensitivity is experienced; however this is normal after treatment because of teeth enamel dehydration, but the intensity of sensitivity vary depending on the condition of a patient’s teeth prior to treatment. Some teeth are more sensitive than others. Sensitivity wears off within few hours but some experience it even after 2 weeks. Using anti-sensitivity toothpaste prior to getting teeth whitening procedure also helps.

How white will my teeth get after teeth whitening treatment?

The whitening effect differs from one patient over the other simply because not everyone’s teeth condition prior to treatment is the same, like current shading and staining. Also there are many factors that need to be considered after getting your teeth whitened, you should know there are certain foods, habits (like smoking), and medications that can cause staining to occur after your teeth have been whitened. So it’s is important to have realistic expectations and at the same time you would want to avoid these stain-causing agents as much as possible. With proper care, whitened teeth can even last up to 2 years.

Can I do the treatment again to get them whiter?

Yes, normally for best result, we recommend a follow-up treatment after a year, but for darker teeth, it may be necessary to use home whitening system with whitening tray and whitening gel, but further consultation with the dentist is needed so only the right amount of whitening gel to be given is determined and enamel damage can be avoided.

Will whitening affect my crowns and fillings?

No, the Laser teeth whitening treatment will not harm or weaken existing restorations. Laser whitening will only clean-up existing crowns of fillings but will not change their color or shade.

What can I do to keep my teeth stay whiter?

Generally, brushing your teeth regularly does well in maintaining the overall health of your teeth, including the color. Using soft bristle gently brush teeth in a circular motion, up to the base of your teeth and touching your gums, to massage your gums too. The use of whitening toothpaste also helps keep your teeth whiter, and ultimately avoiding stain-causing food and drink as much as possible.

Laser Whitening - 5,000 Baht (~US$142)
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